About Us

Nutndiet is a start-up in Food space. Nutndiet was launched in 2017 in Bengaluru by two brothers and with one product: Premium Cashews. Our early customers were delighted with the freshness and crunchiness of our products and became our regular customers.

Encouraged by customer response, we kept working to add more products to our portfolio and today we have nearly 20 products, covering various types of coconut oil, cold press oils, coconut flour and cashews.  Till 2022, we have been selling through marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart and we still continue to sell their; in 2022, we launched our own website, nutndiet.com, so that our regular customers can directly engage with us.

We aim to give a varied range of food products to suit the taste, quality preference and budget constraints of our customer base. This means, we will not be focused on Premium products alone, which may be too pricey for many customers; nor will we offer only cheap products, which may not met the quality expectations of many other customers. We will carry the full range covering Low, Medium and High quality products at different sizes, but will give transparency to the customers by clearly labeling them, so that each can opt for what best suits their taste and budget.

We will continue to work hard every day to bring more products to you, make them available to you closer and faster, make the buying experience smother and convenient and offer the best value for your money within each quality bracket. We are hoping for your continued support and patronage in this venture!